Scaling and Root Planing – Deep Cleaning of Teeth

Your dentist has recommended you receive a deep cleaning of your teeth. The dental term for this procedure is “scaling and root planing”. Scaling and root planing (SRP) is indicated when the pockets around your teeth are deep, and calculus (tartar) and plaque have built up causing inflammation of your gums, and possibly bone loss.

SRP attempts to remove the plaque and calculus from the roots and crown portion of your teeth. When this is accomplished the inflammation in your gums is reduced and hopefully the pockets will be reduced.

Deep Cleaning of Teeth

The dental professional will want to see you 4 to 8 weeks later to re-evaluate the healing process that begins once you leave the office. During that time, it is of paramount importance to practice excellent oral hygiene in order to encourage proper healing. If you think you may need scaling and root planing on your teeth, please call the Kelsey Periodontal Group to schedule a consult. We would be glad to help!